In A Class All His Own!

Joey Romanik is in a class all his own and our family is forever grateful for his help with our home search. We were referred to Joey by a mutual friend when we began planning a move from Nashville to Tampa Bay. Joey was able to quickly pick up on the style of home and neighborhood we wanted and  helped us build a list of more than 20 homes to view during a weekend trip to house hunt. He blocked off an entire weekend as we saw all of the homes on our list and then was able to add a newly listed property at the last minute. We fell in love with the home and Joey was able to guide us through the harrowing process of beating out multiple offers above the list price. He had solid advice about our initial and counter offers but I am most impressed with his advice about writing a letter to the sellers explaining why this home was perfect for us. Our son is visually impaired and this was truly the only home we had seen that met our family’s unique needs. At the time, none of us (Joey included) had any idea that the seller’s wife, who had recently passed away, was a Braille instructor. It was as though the stars had aligned and when the seller read our letter they immediately accepted our offer! This was an amazing twist of fate but one that would never have come to light had Joey not been there to guide us through this process. What Joey did for us was so much more than find a house. He helped us choose a home and a neighborhood that ensures our whole family, but most importantly our son, will thrive. I could never thank him enough for his efforts as a realtor and we’re glad to now call him a friend, too

— Scott and Leslie Auerbach